Monday, October 31, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA again.  Just not sure I want to continue the blog if all my projects can be listed on Ravelry.  Plus I split my old blog into two new ones and I'm not so sure I'm liking it this way.  Too much logging in and out to leave comments for the different friends I follow using both sites.  Oh what to do???

Anyway, in the meantime, I've joined a local group of gals and have been having a blast!!  We meet at Starbucks during the colder weather and at the park in the warmer weather.  This month I finally picked up the needles again and I'm so glad I hooked up with the girls for some winter laughs.  They're so fun to hang with and I really look forward to my weekly coffee meets.

One of the fun things we did was a yarn swap (de-stash) at Miss R's home.  It was so nice of her to open her home for knitting time, yummy treats and the give-away.  I didn't have anything to donate since I only just started knitting/crocheting but I was welcomed anyways and look what they let me take home...

How awesome is that!!  Can't wait to use the green knit picks to make my first pair of socks.  Yep! Miss K (from the group) has kindly volunteered to teach me the construction of a sock.  That's my goal for 2012.

So to my "new" friends... THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I appreciate your gifts, laughs and welcoming me to the group!

The King Cole Riot yarn I purchased as a surprise for my daughter.  I'm making her a scarf for her B-day or Christmas.  Hmm! Can I get it done?? You can find the Spring Ripple Scarf here! 

I've also got a couple scarves I'd like to make for my son & gf and need those in the mail before the deadline.  Plus a few dishclothes would be nice...yes I've started one so far, LOL!  Oh so much to do... why oh why do I wait till the last minute?

How could I forget....I have a scarf on the needles right now as I type.  I'll save those pics for the next post.  See you soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Benny and Joon

Well not much crocheting or knitting 
going on here but....
I did finish another dishcloth for MIL.
I do think it turned out cute and might have 
to make myself one too!  You can find the 
pattern here... Wheatfields Dishcloth.

I've also been enjoying a few summer drinks...
Strawberry Daiquiri's and Mud Slides!  

And what has been keeping me away 
from my hobby time???
We've been checking out the Benny and Joon House!
My daughter has an obsession for Johnny Depp and when
she found out the movie was filmed in Spokane....
she just had to go see for herself.

We ended up chatting with a gal who lived in 
the house while it was being filmed.  How fun
would that be to hang with the stars and 
watch it all come together.  Too cool!!

We also found out that the back porch scene
was built on stilts and not really part of the house.
The tree out front has since been removed
along with the mailbox across the street but
you can still see many characteristics that linger.
Like the front porch or the Maple Street Bridge
in the background.  Anyway, check out the pics
of my daughter hanging out.  
What an awesome fun day!!

PS. if you click on my title it will link
you to pics from the movie.

Maple Street Bridge in the background!

The Spokane River behind the house

Back porch of the Benny and Joon House!

Stairwell that leads to the river

This stairway leads to the river and is where I stood 
to take the picture of the back porch.  
They have a few chairs down there so you can 
hang out and watch mother nature but they
 had little water puddles in them or I would have taken
a pic sitting enjoying the view.  Instead you got this, lol!

This stairway is owned by the city

Then we headed out in the neighborhood 
where "the colorful people" live.  LOL!
This part of town where the movie was 
filmed is called Peaceful Valley.
It always had the stigma of drugs and
lower income folks but the city is 
trying to clean it up and I must say since
returning to Spokane it does look much better.
I thought I'd share a few of the homes
that stand out the most.  
I love it!!
But you just don't find this in
everyday neighborhoods.  Hmm!

The Witch House...seriously!

The sign says so... LOL!
Cowley School is a Historic Landmark
for Peaceful Valley.  You can read a 
little info here... Cowley School.

Named for Reverend Henry T. Cowley

Built in 1917

A typical Craftsman Bungalow
So there you go... a little history about a small
part of our wonderful city.
I hope they continue to clean the area up 
and more people move in and take back the rentals.  
This part of town really is magical 
and always brings a smile to my face.

Enjoy your back soon!
Cheers! ~M

Sunday, July 31, 2011

More lazy summer days...

Since I really don't have a yard to showcase
I've decided to steal some peaks 
from those around me...

The occupied home in my MIL backyard

A visitor in our front yard...

Baby bird learning to fly

Beautiful Blue Hydrangea

Add aluminum to the soil for BLUE

But really there's more to it so check out this link
to get all the scoop about Hydrangea Color Change.

Around the neighborhood


An apartment building downtown.  I sure missed
the brick and turn of the century homes while 
living in the desert the last 14 yrs.
There's so much to share from our 
quaint town that originally started as
Spokane Falls.  Next week I'll be venturing 
out to town again so hopefully I'll capture
some interesting things to share.

Stay tuned....

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yep! Check it out and get registered
but hurry...only a few days left!

Please mention you heard the news 
from my blog (I'll be entered twice).

Thanks Neicee for hosting a
Can't wait to see who the winner will be...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yarn is Unpacked!!

Yea! The house is livable!!
I'm loving my white cabinets!
The stove has been installed again
and the microwave moved to a small
table to give more counter space; eventually
we'll install a new stand alone range with 
a built in microwave.

I'm happy to say my yarn has been unpacked and things 
are slowly finding a home.  I'm back to surfing 
my blogs and ready to pick up my hooks and needles!  
Hip hip hooray!!!

Now to figure out where I left off...
In the meantime my one and only flower 
has bloomed out front. We had a guessing game
of what color will the lily be???  and the answer is...


I was also able to cut some roses from my FIL's
yard and aromacise the house! YUM!!

Luckily we didn't miss the blooming Lilac's too!

And then there was time at the lake...

So now it's time to start the creative juices flowing;
too many things to do and so little time, LOL!

Looking forward to hanging out again 
and checking out all your wonderful creations!

Thanks for stopping by everyone...
Cheers! ~M

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unexpected House Makeover

Welcome Home Duncan's
What a nice surprise from our
2nd Family (Shawn, Jordan, Wally & Diane).
Thanks!! We love you all! :)

How about a look at the house...

Well it was quite the surprise when we showed up 
and found the house in this condition.  Unfortunately the prior tenant (family member) needed to be evicted because we suspect drug abuse.  Hmm!  I think we're right on that one, lol.  We only expected to clean the house before moving in but as you can see, it needed a whole new makeover.  We've now been working on the house for almost a month and wait until you see the difference.  
More pics coming soon!

As for the road trip up north...everything went fine and
obviously we made it safe and sound!

The weather has been hit and miss but 
definitely much cooler than the desert, lol.
When we left Phoenix the end of May it
was already in the high 90s and now a 
month later they're reaching 113ยบ  YEOW!
Spokane has been in the high 60s low 70s with
rain off and on.  It's been a nice change.

Lilacs from the Lilac City

Hope everyone is doing well and getting
those summer projects started.  Can't wait to
have a minute for some hooking/sticks time.

Be back soon....Cheers! ~M