Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unexpected House Makeover

Welcome Home Duncan's
What a nice surprise from our
2nd Family (Shawn, Jordan, Wally & Diane).
Thanks!! We love you all! :)

How about a look at the house...

Well it was quite the surprise when we showed up 
and found the house in this condition.  Unfortunately the prior tenant (family member) needed to be evicted because we suspect drug abuse.  Hmm!  I think we're right on that one, lol.  We only expected to clean the house before moving in but as you can see, it needed a whole new makeover.  We've now been working on the house for almost a month and wait until you see the difference.  
More pics coming soon!

As for the road trip up north...everything went fine and
obviously we made it safe and sound!

The weather has been hit and miss but 
definitely much cooler than the desert, lol.
When we left Phoenix the end of May it
was already in the high 90s and now a 
month later they're reaching 113ยบ  YEOW!
Spokane has been in the high 60s low 70s with
rain off and on.  It's been a nice change.

Lilacs from the Lilac City

Hope everyone is doing well and getting
those summer projects started.  Can't wait to
have a minute for some hooking/sticks time.

Be back soon....Cheers! ~M