Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wow! Hard to believe it's actually coming along.
I'm loving it!  I thought I loved crochet but


this is just too much fun!

This yarn is so pretty.  I do love color but 
I'm a nut for earth tones.  Every time I go
to the yarn store, I gravitate towards

green, brown and orange.

Don't worry though, with this new found
love I'm sure I'll be venturing out of my 
box and into a colorful yarn bliss.

Thanks for checking in on me.
It keeps me motivated!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Finally got something on the sticks!

I only started 7 times yesterday but just couldn't
get my circulars to work right.  


yep! love my dpns :)

Pattern link coming soon....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yarn Whore...

OMG! I swore up and down I would not let 
myself become a yarn whore but...

there comes a time when all newbies cross
the line and well then you know what happens!

Fiber Junkies (read yarn whores) are born!

Let's take a close up of my wonderful
Wool-Ease yarn colors that jumped 
into my cart, shall we?

180 Forest Green Heather

This is my favorite color of the bunch!

232 Wood

107 Blue Heather

This blue is a little darker but for some
reason I can't capture it on film.  It's 
more like a medium denim.  Very pretty!

9275 Paprika

I love this dark orange with red undertones.
Not quite brick but not a rust either.

DD picked these out for her hats.  I'll add them
in the center of a crocheted flower. Too cute!

I'm not sure if I'll stick with these needles but
they can't hurt for getting my feet wet.  Plus,
they were on clearance so I can't beat that!

And so the fun begins...
Or so they say!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can't shake knitting...

For some reason I can't shake my 
interest in Knitting.  So off to Michaels
I go in search of bamboo sticks!

With a pit stop at The Coffee Shop!

I know eventually I'll try the 
Knit Picks Needles   <-- clicky
but for now I needed instant gratification.
So Clover it is!

With two 50% off coupons
(can't beat that!) I'm on my way.
I picked up no. 9 (29" circulars) 
and no. 8 dpn's.  I also grabbed
no. 8 silvalume Bates dpn's since 
they were on clearance for $2.50.

Hopefully I'll CO my first stitches
and a new hat will be born!

Hmm!  Which pattern should I choose???

In the meantime, as for future needles
the research continues....

Any idea's???

Oh by the way...
I stopped back by Michael's 
(told hubby he shouldn't let me go there alone)
and picked up some more yarn that was 
on clearance.  Wool-Ease!  YUM!

Unfortunately I can't seem to capture the true colors.
The forest green and blue are darker than depicted.
What will I do with all this yarn???


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue Durango Hat

Blue Durango Hat!

This has turned out to fit a 22.5" head perfect.
I made it 7.5" long.
This hat fits hubby perfect but my daughter 
would like it a touch longer (maybe 8").

I used an I hook and followed the pattern
through row 5 (60 sts) then continued on
through row 12 before adding a final row
of the crab stitch (reverse sc).  Total 13 rows.

Pattern found here...

So the final result...
Perfect hat but doesn't fit me!
That's ok since this was a test
hat to find where I needed to
alter the pattern.

Will add final picture tomorrow.

And here are the final results...

Happy Hooking...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes!!!

It's a picture day!! 
I love having a daughter who 
enjoys playing in the kitchen.

When I googled to find a recipe
low and behold a "blog" popped up
and this is how I found Nicole!


Friday, March 11, 2011


Spent the last couple days geocaching
with my daughter enjoying the sunshine!

Camo Cache!

What a great find...


Walking home on the train tracks

The nuts and bolts about it...

Today we headed out for this CACHE!

In the hole!

More Stuff


Another Autograph

What a great time hanging with my daughter
enjoying beautiful weather before heading north!
I think this could get addicting...
Any idea's on which gps handheld 
I should purchase for the simple minded?

Would love some feedback from 
those who enjoy GEOCACHING too!

Cheers!  Happy Trekking!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HUGE Photo Op...Part 3

After a little over an hour waiting
for my daughter to walk home
from the high school around the corner;
we decided it was getting warm 
and time to start heading home.

Taking a moment to smell the flowers!

Berries are Orange in the sunshine!

Yet Red in the shade!

Celosia ~ Beautiful !!

I wish this was my front door...sigh!

The Neighborhood Park & Pool

Breath Taking!!!

Last but not least...
My FAVORITE Palm Tree!
I will miss them!

I hope you enjoyed taking a few 
moments to see inside my world...
come visit again soon!

Happy Hooking!

HUGE Photo Op...Part 2

I took my EB, a yummy mocha frap 
& my yarn
to the neighborhood park.

It made for some great hooky time!!!
Can't beat sunshine, blue skies and 67ยบ
and since I'm moving soon, I thought
I better take advantage of it!

A Neat Ripple...Attic24 Pattern

I don't have Mary Janes so my knockoff
Keds will have to do!

EB seems to be fascinated by something off in the 
distance.  So much so he's been growling just 
enough to let me know something's there....

Can you see it???  I used an arrow to 
help point it out.

Here's a close up to see what all
the fuss was about!  LOL!

A fricking plastic bag blowing in the breeze!

So what do I do to calm the nerves?
How 'bout we share some apples!  

Join us in Part 3 for the walk home...