Monday, October 31, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA again.  Just not sure I want to continue the blog if all my projects can be listed on Ravelry.  Plus I split my old blog into two new ones and I'm not so sure I'm liking it this way.  Too much logging in and out to leave comments for the different friends I follow using both sites.  Oh what to do???

Anyway, in the meantime, I've joined a local group of gals and have been having a blast!!  We meet at Starbucks during the colder weather and at the park in the warmer weather.  This month I finally picked up the needles again and I'm so glad I hooked up with the girls for some winter laughs.  They're so fun to hang with and I really look forward to my weekly coffee meets.

One of the fun things we did was a yarn swap (de-stash) at Miss R's home.  It was so nice of her to open her home for knitting time, yummy treats and the give-away.  I didn't have anything to donate since I only just started knitting/crocheting but I was welcomed anyways and look what they let me take home...

How awesome is that!!  Can't wait to use the green knit picks to make my first pair of socks.  Yep! Miss K (from the group) has kindly volunteered to teach me the construction of a sock.  That's my goal for 2012.

So to my "new" friends... THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I appreciate your gifts, laughs and welcoming me to the group!

The King Cole Riot yarn I purchased as a surprise for my daughter.  I'm making her a scarf for her B-day or Christmas.  Hmm! Can I get it done?? You can find the Spring Ripple Scarf here! 

I've also got a couple scarves I'd like to make for my son & gf and need those in the mail before the deadline.  Plus a few dishclothes would be nice...yes I've started one so far, LOL!  Oh so much to do... why oh why do I wait till the last minute?

How could I forget....I have a scarf on the needles right now as I type.  I'll save those pics for the next post.  See you soon!