Sunday, July 31, 2011

More lazy summer days...

Since I really don't have a yard to showcase
I've decided to steal some peaks 
from those around me...

The occupied home in my MIL backyard

A visitor in our front yard...

Baby bird learning to fly

Beautiful Blue Hydrangea

Add aluminum to the soil for BLUE

But really there's more to it so check out this link
to get all the scoop about Hydrangea Color Change.

Around the neighborhood


An apartment building downtown.  I sure missed
the brick and turn of the century homes while 
living in the desert the last 14 yrs.
There's so much to share from our 
quaint town that originally started as
Spokane Falls.  Next week I'll be venturing 
out to town again so hopefully I'll capture
some interesting things to share.

Stay tuned....

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yep! Check it out and get registered
but hurry...only a few days left!

Please mention you heard the news 
from my blog (I'll be entered twice).

Thanks Neicee for hosting a
Can't wait to see who the winner will be...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yarn is Unpacked!!

Yea! The house is livable!!
I'm loving my white cabinets!
The stove has been installed again
and the microwave moved to a small
table to give more counter space; eventually
we'll install a new stand alone range with 
a built in microwave.

I'm happy to say my yarn has been unpacked and things 
are slowly finding a home.  I'm back to surfing 
my blogs and ready to pick up my hooks and needles!  
Hip hip hooray!!!

Now to figure out where I left off...
In the meantime my one and only flower 
has bloomed out front. We had a guessing game
of what color will the lily be???  and the answer is...


I was also able to cut some roses from my FIL's
yard and aromacise the house! YUM!!

Luckily we didn't miss the blooming Lilac's too!

And then there was time at the lake...

So now it's time to start the creative juices flowing;
too many things to do and so little time, LOL!

Looking forward to hanging out again 
and checking out all your wonderful creations!

Thanks for stopping by everyone...
Cheers! ~M