Friday, July 22, 2011

Yarn is Unpacked!!

Yea! The house is livable!!
I'm loving my white cabinets!
The stove has been installed again
and the microwave moved to a small
table to give more counter space; eventually
we'll install a new stand alone range with 
a built in microwave.

I'm happy to say my yarn has been unpacked and things 
are slowly finding a home.  I'm back to surfing 
my blogs and ready to pick up my hooks and needles!  
Hip hip hooray!!!

Now to figure out where I left off...
In the meantime my one and only flower 
has bloomed out front. We had a guessing game
of what color will the lily be???  and the answer is...


I was also able to cut some roses from my FIL's
yard and aromacise the house! YUM!!

Luckily we didn't miss the blooming Lilac's too!

And then there was time at the lake...

So now it's time to start the creative juices flowing;
too many things to do and so little time, LOL!

Looking forward to hanging out again 
and checking out all your wonderful creations!

Thanks for stopping by everyone...
Cheers! ~M


  1. Very, very nice - ya'll did a great job. :)

  2. Sooooo jealous of your lake pics! It's a horrible wintery day here, horizontal rain and a roaring fire. So you can understand my jealousy! Your kitchen looks fabulous and I adore your lily. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Your kitchen looks terrific and I love the lake view. Congrats on your move and starting to get settled. :-)

  4. Winter in New Zealand...WOW! How awesome that the internet brings us together across the world. Enjoy the rain, I know I have been since leaving the HOT desert! LOL!

    Thanks ladies for the's good to be back! Cheers! ~M

  5. What a 100% improvement for the kitchen makeover! Your view of the lake is fantastic as well. Our lilac is bloomed and spent some weeks now in Ohio, so love seeing the blooms you shared with us. I can almost smell them, lol. I see in your past posts where you too have been caught by the dishrag bug. What is it about dishrags anyways? Could it be they are a quick project and an endless suppy of pattern ideas? They are fun aren't they! I know how that feels to be knitting or crocheting along and there comes a knot in the yarn. I have a friend who use to own a knit shop and she said that the companies are not suppose to allow that to happen or to sell it...obviously the times have changed since many of us find those little surprises in our skeins of yarn. It does cause unnecessary bulk in the joining, and it always seems to happen right where it is most obvious....I guess we just go with the flow as usual...happy unpacking, have a great week :)

  6. Wow!
    What a transformation (I've had a peek through your previous posts).
    I love white furniture- it makes a room seem so much bigger and brighter, doesn't it?
    Like you, I'm quite new to crochet too and am loving my new crafty skills! Anyhoo, am your latest follower so I can keep in touch.
    If you have time, do pop over and say hi at my end of bloggyland- I'd love to know what you think!!
    Have a great week.


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