Monday, January 31, 2011

Mystery Item & Snowflake (2nd)

Ooh La La!  A hat!

Well my first hat is done...
a little big but done!

Unfortunately I have to roll it 


I guess I could easily knock off 
5 stitches on the next one.
Ya I have a small head ~ 21 inches.

Here's the flower I'll be putting on the
next hat for my daughter.  
Once again Thanks Teresa!!!
Loopy Flower by Teresa

This is how much was left over from a 5 oz. skein.

Anyway it's just in time since we'll be 
52º for a high on Wednesday!


And of course I can't forget 


Yep! still needs to be blocked.

This is a
Cheryl Smith Flake!
I needed to work a small 
one while I still learn to
read the patterns.

And if you made it this far...
here's a sneak peak at ME!

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  1. love that hat!!! I have not made any snowflakes...i find the thread hard to work with...or maybe i just don't have the patience!!


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