Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mocha Fraps...

I've decided to pull a few posts over from my other blog...
some of you followers who crossed over have seen this before
but for those of you who are new....Enjoy!

They're not about crocheting but FOOD! So I do believe
you'll be fine with that since it's something homey, LOL!

Today I'm going to show you how I make my Mocha Frap...


These things are sooo addictive!

For starters, I buy my frap mix online from 
called Big Train Blended Ice Coffee (in mocha flavor).

When you spend X amount, shipping is free!
So I buy 5 bags at once and they come in a box like this...

My cost...$90.95
but 5 bags last a long time.

I drink one (sometimes 2) a day.
If I watch myself...one bag lasts a month.
That's less than $20 a month.  Try spending that 
at Starbucks and see how far you get.

Once the bag is opened, I store the powder mix in a small bucket.

It takes 1 1/2 scoops per drink.  Be sure to request a 
scooper in the comments section if you decide to order.
Sometimes they throw one in the box and sometimes they don't.

Next I crush my ice cubes in my ice crusher
(picked this up from Costco).
Add my milk & frap mix first then 
top with my crushed ice.

I add the ice slowly and 
pack it down each time.

Fill it to the top!


On my Magic Bullet!

And there you have it!

I like to save the green & blue straws 
til last since green's my favorite color!


ps. If you want to substitute the milk for Starbucks Frap Drink
they taste really good too!

but it does add more cost and calories.
Both I'm trying to avoid.

Cheers!  Happy Drinking ;)

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