Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tioga George Where Are You?

So we decided to roll the dice and hit the road
with hopes of finding Tioga George!

It was a BUST!

but check out The Team's Haunts...

Orange Slice looking for Tioga George

Quick bite to eat while strolling Gila Bend

WiFi at the Gila Bend Library

Stopped by the library for some free wifi and 
that's when we found out George was in Yuma!
How the heck did that happen...

Familiar Picture

Hey I've been there...

Gila Bend Library

Orange Slice Hanging Out!

The drive was pleasant but the landscape could
use a boost.  As much as I enjoyed the 
mountains I couldn't quite capture the beauty on film.

We passed on a DQ Blizzard on our way out of town
instead opting for a Vanilla Breve at 
The Coffee Shop just across the street from our home.

The one thing that had me thinking on the drive 
back was all the garbage on the side of the road.  
There were plastic bags stuck to the 
barbed wire fence for miles and I had to wonder...
was it like this when Wyatt Earp rolled through??

Anyway, I'm home now blogging and enjoying
my coffee but sure wish I had the opportunity
to meet George and the Team.  It wasn't
for lack of trying, lol.  Next time George you'll
need to come see me and I'll give you a front
row seat to a view on Lake Coeur D'Alene.
Good Luck George and Happy RV'ing!!

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