Thursday, April 28, 2011

Short Hiatus!!

Hi everyone... 
just checking in and letting you all know what's up!  
I'm currently in the process of moving my home 
from Arizona to Washington by the end of May.  
I've posted a few pics to show the change 
I'm making.  We're going from the 
Southwest Desert to the Pacific Northwest.
What a culture shock!  But really we're just going home.

Leaving the Southwest Desert...

Going to the Pacific Northwest!

Look close, we have a VISITOR!

Things are busy and the house
is a mess with boxes, sorting, organizing and packing.  
I've packed most my yarn with the exception of a 
few skeins (for hats) to help keep my hands busy 
when I have some down time.
However I may be digging into that box again since I 
packed some yarn that I really could use right now.  
Guess I jumped the gun on that one, LOL!

I've also taken the time to start a new blog to document
my travels (moving) and future outings like hiking, 
camping and any other outdoorsy fun!  With this blog I 
follow other RV'ers and Campers so you won't find
crafty, crocheting, knitting stuff over there.  

So I just wanted to let you know that things will
be slow going for a bit but I will be back to add
my finished creations.  YES! I'm still reading your
blogs tho you may not hear from me as frequent
during the next month or two; I am still here! LOL!

O.K. if you've made it this far and you're still 
interested you can find my new blog by 
clicking on the title link at the top of the page.

Hope you all had a Great Easter! 


  1. Hey Merri! Lovely pics..thanks for sharing them.
    I hope the move goes well for you :) Take carexxx


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