Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Special Olympics 2012 ~ New Colors Announced

Just a quick update to let folks know the new colors 
have been chosen for 
The Special Olympics Scarves 2012.

Yep!  Navy & Cherry Red!!

Very excited to add knitting to my repertoire.  Not sure
what design I'll make this year but can't wait to get
started as soon as I get landed in my new home.

Here's a link to help get you started....

Cheers! ~M


  1. Thanks for the heads up Merri. :)

  2. I saw the announcement, and although I don't like this combo as much as last year's, I'm anxious to get started, too. That will be a very nice take-along project!

  3. Hey Merri :) Thanks for sharing this..such a great thing to be a part of :) I hope your knitting is going well, I'm SO jealous!! lol
    Good luck with the moving...I don't envy you there! Hopefully you'll be hearing those magic words soon...LAST BOX!!
    take care!


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