Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HUGE Photo Op...Part 2

I took my EB, a yummy mocha frap 
& my yarn
to the neighborhood park.

It made for some great hooky time!!!
Can't beat sunshine, blue skies and 67º
and since I'm moving soon, I thought
I better take advantage of it!

A Neat Ripple...Attic24 Pattern

I don't have Mary Janes so my knockoff
Keds will have to do!

EB seems to be fascinated by something off in the 
distance.  So much so he's been growling just 
enough to let me know something's there....

Can you see it???  I used an arrow to 
help point it out.

Here's a close up to see what all
the fuss was about!  LOL!

A fricking plastic bag blowing in the breeze!

So what do I do to calm the nerves?
How 'bout we share some apples!  

Join us in Part 3 for the walk home...

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