Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yarn Whore...

OMG! I swore up and down I would not let 
myself become a yarn whore but...

there comes a time when all newbies cross
the line and well then you know what happens!

Fiber Junkies (read yarn whores) are born!

Let's take a close up of my wonderful
Wool-Ease yarn colors that jumped 
into my cart, shall we?

180 Forest Green Heather

This is my favorite color of the bunch!

232 Wood

107 Blue Heather

This blue is a little darker but for some
reason I can't capture it on film.  It's 
more like a medium denim.  Very pretty!

9275 Paprika

I love this dark orange with red undertones.
Not quite brick but not a rust either.

DD picked these out for her hats.  I'll add them
in the center of a crocheted flower. Too cute!

I'm not sure if I'll stick with these needles but
they can't hurt for getting my feet wet.  Plus,
they were on clearance so I can't beat that!

And so the fun begins...
Or so they say!


  1. And so it turning back now:) It just gets worse from Love the yarn! Got my fingers crossed for you..I'm sure knitting will be a breeze for you :)

  2. No Nicole its not a breeze but I'm not giving up, LOL! Yesterday I started over 7 times on this dang hat but I switched to dpns and seem to be doing better.

    Thanks Debi!

  3. I keep saying no more. But then the word "sale" catches my eyes...

    I love your pretty colors!

  4. I just love Wool-Ease. I've stopped buying for now but I know if I saw something exceptional and the price was right I'd have a big decision on my hands.


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