Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can't shake knitting...

For some reason I can't shake my 
interest in Knitting.  So off to Michaels
I go in search of bamboo sticks!

With a pit stop at The Coffee Shop!

I know eventually I'll try the 
Knit Picks Needles   <-- clicky
but for now I needed instant gratification.
So Clover it is!

With two 50% off coupons
(can't beat that!) I'm on my way.
I picked up no. 9 (29" circulars) 
and no. 8 dpn's.  I also grabbed
no. 8 silvalume Bates dpn's since 
they were on clearance for $2.50.

Hopefully I'll CO my first stitches
and a new hat will be born!

Hmm!  Which pattern should I choose???

In the meantime, as for future needles
the research continues....

Any idea's???

Oh by the way...
I stopped back by Michael's 
(told hubby he shouldn't let me go there alone)
and picked up some more yarn that was 
on clearance.  Wool-Ease!  YUM!

Unfortunately I can't seem to capture the true colors.
The forest green and blue are darker than depicted.
What will I do with all this yarn???



  1. Hey stranger! Love the new look you got here! Very cozy... I was like you awhile ago..bought the needles..the starter pattern know I love my books..girl, I just couldn't get it. I don't like it. I don't know why...very sad. I've tried a few times since luck. I hope you have better luck then me. Great yarn you got there..I love it! I'm not sure if Michaels does this nationwide..but here every Sunday in the newspaper Michaels and A.C. Moore both have very good coupons..alot of times it's 50% off an item or entire purchase! Love the Knitpicks site! (my hubby is about to take my credit card)Check out the books..they are so cheap! Great post, we are too much alike! it's scary!Take care girl! xoxoxo
    oh..btw..the lady that was trying to teach me to knit had me use cotton yarn, she said it was easier to learn with. It may just be a preference but I SOOOOO want you to succeed thought I'd pass it along! (u know I wanted to do it if I went looking for help outside my books)

  2. Ok, so I already wrote you a book and I'm back :) Shame on you for putting that "clicky" on Knit know I clicked it. Just wanted to share with you..if you make any Christmas gifts in Crochet..The "Christmas in Crochet for $8.98 at 55% off is totally worth it! And they are just about to stop selling it. I paid double that and it's still worth it. Mine is hard cover though..not sure if the description is right because it's identical, I just went and got mine to double check. Just wanted to share..I know..I need to go to bed! Sorry!!! :)

  3. Thanks for the heads up Nicole! I'll be sure to check out the book. If I come across any tips for easy knitting, I'll be sure to pass them on. Keep your fingers crossed! I really want to learn to knit and stick with it, LOL!

    Cheers! Merri


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