Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue Durango Hat

Blue Durango Hat!

This has turned out to fit a 22.5" head perfect.
I made it 7.5" long.
This hat fits hubby perfect but my daughter 
would like it a touch longer (maybe 8").

I used an I hook and followed the pattern
through row 5 (60 sts) then continued on
through row 12 before adding a final row
of the crab stitch (reverse sc).  Total 13 rows.

Pattern found here...

So the final result...
Perfect hat but doesn't fit me!
That's ok since this was a test
hat to find where I needed to
alter the pattern.

Will add final picture tomorrow.

And here are the final results...

Happy Hooking...


  1. When I read the name of your post, I couldn't wait to see the pictures. Knew you'd have a great project! Wasn't expecting the new banner photo, though. LOVE your Special Olympic scarf!

  2. Thanks Deb for the kind words! My blog seemed a little empty and this was the only decent colorful pic I had, LOL!

  3. This turned out beautifully!


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