Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daisy Flower Charity Square

I absolutely LOVE this flower!

Although I'm struggling to get this
one completed, it's still one of my
favorite looking flowers.

Row 3A
Row 3B
Row 4A
Row 4B
Row 5A

This is where I'm stuck!
If anyone can help me move on 
from here I'd really appreciate it!



  1. Hi Merry,
    I, myself, don't understand anything about plain written instructions, I'm a visual learner and I can replicate practically any pattern by looking at it or seeing pictures. I love the brightness and clarity of your photos. I found this person who posted their pictures just like you. Here is the link to hers in hope that they may help you complete yours.

  2. For some reason, the previous link doesn't take you directly to where I intended to. I'm reposting it again to see if it now works.

  3. Hurray!,It worked this time!; I hope this can help you get unstuck. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed Daisy Flower Charity Square Photos.
    Happy Crocheting

  4. Vilma thanks for the link...hopefully I'll get this flower done! LOL!

    I absolutely love the flower but I'm not too happy with the backside. We'll see if anything becomes of it.

  5. Hi Merri,
    In this other link you'll be able to see the backside of a finished Daisy Flower Charity Square, and compare it to yours once you finish it. I don't see anything wrong with yours, but you be the judge:


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