Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something Sunday & Crochet

Crochet Bag

 My 3 favorite things!
My Apple!
My Yarn!
My Frap!
yes it would be in that order

Neat Ripple on my Hook

Since I haven't crocheted a bag for myself, 
I've had to use what's on hand instead.
This bag was a door gift from a convention
I attended 9 yrs ago for CTMH.
(Close To My Heart ~ Stamping) 
I've since changed hobbies!!!  :)
My stamps sat for about 8 yrs and 
I never really used them.  I guess my 
heart wasn't really into it!

I also wanted to show how simple
I am at the moment.  I carry my yarn
in plastic grocery bags to keep it clean.

5 (1.9mm) Boye Steel Hook

As for the "NEW" hook....
I had to move up a few sizes from a 7 to a 5
in order to get the hang of it better.
Thread crocheting is tough for this beginner
and since I joined the Snowflake CAL
I needed to get this butt in gear and 
quit anguishing over the size 7 hook.

Happy Sunday, Happy Hooking!


  1. I like the bag! I found a tote at Walmart with loads of bight colors and cute frogs. It screams spring!

  2. love the tote!! Nice progress on the snowflake...i don't have the patience right now to work with such a fine thread...but love the finished work!! (sigh) someday...

  3. That bag is perrfect for your WIPs!

  4. Don't get discouraged, I've been crocheting for years and have yet to complete one thread project! :) I have a bag fetish which if fine, except most of the time I have an unfinshed project in each of them..not a good idea! lol

  5. Thanks Ladies! This is the one bag I never seem to throw out, LOL!


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