Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something Sunday!!!

I've been thinking a lot over the last year about my 
"old" blog & "new" blog.
How can I incorporate them, make them fun, 
and share parts about me!

If I kept my new blog only crochet 
(which I originally was going to do) 
how boring that would be, 
yet if I talked about others things
 I may loose some of you.

So I've decided to have specific days.  
Starting with.... Something Sunday!
This will showcase something different, 
fun, or picture perfect but 
doesn't have to be crochet specific!

Smile! You've found your Cache

Gosh and to think I missed this one first time around

Small Cache but not a Micro!

Pretty Clever Spot

Proof that I was here....

I haven't invested in a GPS system yet
but maybe sometime in the future 
if I stick with it.  We'll see.......


  1. Oh, we geocache in the warmer months too - a fun hobby! We have a Garmin Yellow to help us along :)

  2. Thanks Cris! I had that one on the list to check out but when the temps hit 100º it was too HOT so I put it on the back burner. Funny thing is that I got distracted with crocheting that I completely forgot about geocaching. I guess I don't multitask very good...LOL!

  3. You won't lose me! But this is a cool idea, and I learned something new about you!


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