Monday, February 28, 2011

Divine Hat Part 2 & 3

Well since I needed to tweak the pattern 
more to fit my small head (21 inches) I
frogged my burgundy hat I made a few
weeks back and tried the Divine again.

Starting with the magic circle this time, 
I only did 3dc's shells thru row 10 
then added the ribbing based on the pattern.
Following the pattern with 4dc' made the hat
way too big and I had to cut off 6 rows not
to mention go down a hook size to I & G.

I love this hat!!!

Red hat 11 rows, Burgundy hat 10 rows of 3dc's

Just finished the blue one also...I'm on a roll!!
The blue hat was done through row 9 but I 
think it is just a skosh small like the red 
is a skosh big.  Both are wearable but the 
burgundy fits the best!

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