Sunday, February 27, 2011

Divine Hat by Sarah Arnold

After seeing a couple pics posted on Crochetville
by Alaina about the Divine Hat I decided to check it out on

This is an easy & fun pattern with such great results!
Definitely a go to hat.

I made mine in Red Heart Super Saver (an old 8 oz skein)
of 0390 Red Hot!  I used an I & G hook which is a 
size smaller than the pattern calls for.
I crocheted through row 13 then added all but the last
row of ribbing listed and my hat was too big!
I plan to frog it back two rows and try the ribbing again.
I'll post pics anyway because it turned out so 
beautiful that it's surely worth taking a peek at.
By the way, my head measures barely 21" (small).

Divine Hat by Sarah Arnold

Red Heart Super Saver Red Hot 0390 (I & G hook)

And gosh how could I forget....
Today is my 24th anniversary!!!
Yay! What a great feeling!
(I seriously hope to make 75)
:)  :)  :)  :) :)  :)  :)  :) 

I frogged my hat back to row 9
and continued on with fpdc and 3dc's
through row 11.  Then added the ribbing
following the pattern instructions.
Here's how it turned out!

I ended up with an 8" tall hat 
which would be the longest I'd
want it without folding the brim.
It's a little snug, again ok but I may 
do the last row of clusters with a
fpdc & 4dc's so the ribbing 
isn't quite as tight.  Just a little 
more tweaking and it should be 


  1. lovely hat! and happy anniversary! :)

  2. Thanks Niki...I appreciate the warm wishes!

  3. Merri, you really do put me to shame..I've been crocheting for years and there are just certain stitches I've always stayed away from..FPDC is one of them...way to go girl! You did a great job! Love it!
    Happy Anniversary to you!! what an accomplishment! In a world where divorce is so common...what a blessing! Take care! :)


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